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Spirit Master - Vyn


Behind her great power lies a tragic story. She once just an ordinary daughter of a farmer in a small village near kingdom's boundary. One day a devastating disaster come to her village threatening all live of the villager. The elders of the village made a decision to send her to the haunted forest, force her to die as human sacrifice. Banished from the village, she ran endlessly lost in the jungle in fear and sorrow. Exhausted and hunger for days until she unable to move waiting for death, crying, the forest took a pity on her. The forest then take her soul and resurrect her as one of the Forest Lord, grant her ability to call forest spirits to fight by her side. After years live in the deep, she find her way back to her old village, bring the unlimited power army of nature. Will she back as Vengeance Spirit, avenging to bring havoc to the peoples who once abandon her? Or she became a Guardian Spirit, who keep the harmony and forgive them who once her own people?

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